Human Resources and SME Development in Inhambane, Mozambique

01 Apr 11

A new ST-EP project has recently started in Inhambane province, Mozambique, for a period of two years, with the objective is to develop human resources as well as small and medium-sized tourism enterprises. Inhambane is a province of Mozambique in which a large proportion of the population lives under the poverty line. It nevertheless possesses excellent tourism potential with its coastal waters that are rich in coral reefs and marine life, offering ideal conditions for diving. The province's eponymous capital offers cultural tourism steeped in colonial history.

This project will continue the activities previously carried out in an initial project, completed this month, for the implementation of a plan for integrated and sustainable tourism development for the benefit of the local communities. Among its specific tasks will be the development of new governance mechanisms that favour collaboration between the public and private sectors and the development of entrepreneurial markets in order to stimulate employment creation for the benefit of the local communities. It will also include a programme for vocational development and professional training in tourism occupations such as accommodation, food services, handicrafts and guiding.

This project is made possible thanks to funding from the Flemish Government. The training component will be financed by the HITT (High Impact Tourism Training) Programme, by virtue of an agreement to be signed in the coming days between the Netherlands Development Organisation (SNV) and the UNWTO. This pilot training programme has identified seven initial countries for implementation, including Mozambique.