Development of Ecotourism in Kribi, Cameroon

01 Feb 11

The ST-EP project for the development of ecotourism in Kribi, a beach resort and seaport in Cameroon, has been recently launched following the field visit of a UNWTO.Themis volunteer. With the existence of numerous opportunities for the residents of the region to better benefit from tourism development, the project will concentrate on ways to boost ecotourism and the creation of business linkages between tourism enterprises and local communities.

Special attention will be given to the environmental management of Kribi and its coastal areas in harmony with the Coastal Tourism Programme whose "ecotourism" and "sustainable management of tourism" components are currently being implemented by the UNWTO in partnership with UNIDO.

The first part of this project will consist of the analysis of the tourism value chain in order to identify opportunities for income generation through tourism for the local populations, notably for young people. The objective of this study is to increase the demand for local goods and services, as well as the number of jobs in the operation of camping sites and food services, as well as local farming. Also envisaged is the development of direct sales by the poor to tourists, in line with the seven mechanisms for poverty reduction recommended by the UNWTO.