ST-EP Project Portfolio

STEP regional and non regional projects

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Country Title Main funding source
Albania Korca Region Tourism Destination Development and Management Programme
ST-EP Foundation
Albania Sustainable Tourism Legislation SNV
Benin Promotion and Development of Sustainable Tourism in the Buffer Zone of Park W Italian Government
Bhutan Sustainable Tourism Law SNV
Bolivia Small and Medium Enterprises Development in Rurrenabaque SNV
Bolivia Improving Local Guiding Services in San Javier and Concepción SNV
Bolivia Strengthening Rural Community-based Tourism and Commercial Management to Consolidate the Inca Trail (Qhapac-Ñan Project)
ST-EP Foundation
Bolivia Mysteries of Titicaca Europamundo Foundation
Burkina Faso Development of a Community-based Tourism Complex in Bazoulé ST-EP Foundation
Burkina Faso Sustainable Development of Tourism in the District of Tambaga, Province of Tapoa (Park W) Italian Government
Burundi Enhancing Participation of Youth and Women in the Tourism Sector ST-EP Foundation
Cambodia Mekong Discovery Trail (Phases II & III)
ST-EP Foundation
Cambodia Mekong Discovery Trail and Tourism Development Master Plan for Kratie Town (Phase I) SNV
Cambodia Enhancing the Mekong Discovery Trail (Phase IV) AECID
Cameroon Development of a Network for Promotion and Capacity Building for Running Bird Watching Tours SNV
Cameroon Sustainable Community-based Tourism in Ebogo SNV
Cameroon Ecotourism Development at Kribi ST-EP Foundation
China Tourism and Handicraft Production in Guizhou Province Tsingtao Brewery Co. Ltd.
Colombia Sustainable Community-based Tourism Development in Providence Island Italian Government
Costa Rica Market Access and New Technologies for Community-based tourism Europamundo Foundation
Ecuador Local Tourism Planning for the Consortium of Provincial Governments SNV
Ecuador Fostering Rural Community-based Tourism and Inclusive Business within the Framework of Effective Destination Management along the Inca Trail (Qhapac-Ñan Project)
ST-EP Foundation
Ecuador Tourism Micro-Enterprises, Micro-Credit and Poverty Reduction (MET project) SNV
Ecuador New Technologies for Communication and Competitiveness for Tourism Microenterprises ST-EP Foundation
Ecuador Competitiveness and Enterprise Management for Strengthening Community-based Tourism (FEPTCE Network) SNV
Ecuador Sustainable Tourism in Protected Areas SNV
Ecuador Fostering Sustainable Tourism through the Development of Inclusive Business in Galapagos Islands
ST-EP Foundation
Ecuador Tourism, Poverty Reduction and the MDGs: PLANDETUR 2020 SNV
Ethiopia Ecotourism Development in Bale Mountains National Park SNV
Ethiopia Konso Community Tourism Project ST-EP Foundation
Ethiopia Chencha-Dorze Tourism and Handicrafts Development Project
ST-EP Foundation
Ethiopia Pro-Poor Tourism Business Linkages with Accomodation Providers SNV
Gambia Kartong Ecotourism Project Europamundo Foundation
Ghana West Coast Tourism Destination Area Development Italian Government
Ghana Development of Local Market Linkages in the Tourism Supply Chain and Community-based Tourism Enterprises Capacity for Poverty Reduction in the Western Region Italian Government
Ghana Development of Eco-Cultural Tourism in Butre and Dixcove Italian Government
Ghana Savannaland Destination Tourism Programme
ST-EP Foundation
Guatemala The Coffee Route in Quiché (Phase II) Italian Government
Guatemala Strengthening Community-based Tourism Destinations in Quiché Italian Government
Guatemala The Coffee Route in Quiché (Phase I) Italian Government
Guinea Ecotourism Training in Sangareah in the Dubreka Region ST-EP Foundation
Haiti Linking Small Providers of Goods and Services with Tourism Enterprises ST-EP Foundation
Honduras Establishing Linkages between Garifunas Small Businesses at Bahia de Tela ST-EP Foundation
Honduras Connecting Local Tourism Products and Services with the Marina Copan Hotel in Copan Ruinas
ST-EP Foundation
Honduras Sales Increase through the Innovation of Culinary Culture
ST-EP Foundation
Jordan The Youth Career Initiative (YCI) ST-EP Foundation
Kenya Business Case for Wildlife Conservation in Kasigau Community
IUCN Netherlands
ST-EP Foundation
Kenya The Kitengela Footbridge Project ST-EP Foundation
Kenya Enhanced Market Access for Community-based Tourism Products
ST-EP Foundation
Kenya Kenya Coast Beach Management and Local Livelihoods
Travel Foundation
ST-EP Foundation