Capacity Building and Awareness Raising Seminars

Ex-Minister of Natural Resources and Tourism of the United Republic of Tanzania


“ST-EP seminars have created more awareness and understanding of decision-makers, tourism planners, industry regulators, developers and the general community on how communities can use tourism to reduce poverty. Specifically, the knowledge acquired on the application of the UNWTO seven  mechanisms is very practical and useful”

Ex-Minister of Natural Resources and Tourism of the United Republic of Tanzania, the Honourable Shamsa Selengia Mwangunga

The ST-EP Initiative regularly organizes seminars to raise awareness and build the capacities among public officials, NGOs, the private sector and local communities. Since 2004, UNWTO has organized over 20 regional and national training seminars on tourism and poverty reduction, with a total participation of over 2,000 officials. Many times, the seminars have helped establish partnerships at national and regional level to plan and execute interventions to enhance the local economic impact from tourism. In addition to these ST-EP seminars, UNWTO promotes the ST-EP Initiative at international conferences and provides guest lectures at tourism courses, all with a view to disseminating the experiences gained and lessons learned among individuals and organizations interested in achieving the MDGs.

Varios informative materials on the work being carried out by the ST-EP Initiative are available: